Saturday, May 26, 2018

Wooden Pen Holder

I have spent many years making pens. From a simple twist pen to a Mont Blonc using scrap maple, acrylic plastic, even t6 Aluminium. Pens make wonderful gifts for people who can apreciate the fine craftsmenship and the value of a good quality pen.  But in the end, a pen; be it fancy or cheep ends up in a junk drawer if it has no other home.

This pen holder is a simple addtional project to go with the perfect gift. you can make it out of the same wood to match the pen or use something with more contrast. the project takes a few days and relys on the bandsaw and a spindel sander.


Pen Holder PDF


Saturday, October 21, 2017

LM386 Mini audio amp

This is an updated version of the LM380 the LM386 is a smaller single channel amp.

Teacher and student package included.

Teacher Package

Student Package

Friday, July 14, 2017

Cheap Arduino Robot with everything you need

I see a growing number of companies marketing Arduino based robots for well over $100 a piece. Most of these bots have limited capability and still utilize the Arduino IDE for programming. I needed a simple programming platform for my IT students, so I designed and built my own robot to save money. If you are willing to purchase components from Ali Express this is the robot for you. I have attached complete build instructions and Curriculum and .stl files will be on there way soon.

$15 Dollar Arduino Robot

YouTube Curriculum playlist

Friday, November 18, 2016

BC Tech Ed course outlines 2016

Attached are some course outlines that my students use at the grade 8-9 Level. as more grades are completed I will do more updates. Note these are meant to be a guide and will most likely not be the final version.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Shut the Box Up

Shut the Box Up is a great one or two player game. These instructions will help guide you to build this game with minimal hardware. The  game can be built with 9-12 pieces these instructions are made to help guide you in your build.

Instructions to build Shut the box up

the object of the game is roll 2 dice cubes and flip up all the numbers. for example, if you roll a

1 + 6
you can flip up the 1 and 6 or the 7 only.

if all the numbers are up, your score is 0 and you win.  If the only number left is 8 and you roll a 3 your final score is 8 the goal is to get the lowest score possible.


Quattro is a mathematical game with the objective to make  4 in a row by using the 16 unique game pieces.

these plans are a guide to build the game board, a stylish box, and the 16 individual game pieces. Because each shop is different and your tools may very, the exact details on how to do each operation are left out.

find the plans here

please provide comments if there is a problem or you require more information.

Quattro is played on a 4×4 board. There are 16 unique pieces, each of which is either:
  • tall or short;
  • red or blue (or a different pair of colors, e.g. light- or dark-stained wood);
  • square or circular; and
  • hollow-top or solid-top.
Players take turns choosing a piece which the other player must then place on the board. A player wins by placing a piece on the board which forms a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row of four pieces, all of which have a common attribute (all short, all circular, etc.). A variant rule included in many editions gives a second way to win by placing four matching pieces in a 2x2 square.
Quarto is distinctive in that there is only one set of common pieces, rather than a set for one player and a different set for the other. It is therefore an impartial game

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

123DCircuits and Digispark for Easy Cheap Projects

I have been working with ATTINY chips for some time. When I saw the low cost Digispark that has one on board, I had have 1.

 I have developed this project that utilizes the ease of programming with 123D Circuits and the cost of digispark. It is very similar to the standalone ATTINY circuits posted several years ago but has been simplified, to make it easier to program and easier to manufacture. Check out the instructions bellow.

PCB manufacturing tutorial

123D Tutorial 1
123D Tutorial 2
123D Tutorial 3
123D Tutorial 4

123D Arduino project
123D ATTINY without Digispark

Software install - new version
software install - old version

Chinese Digisparks
Real Digispark