Sunday, January 15, 2012

Programing the ATTINY 45/85 & 44/84 and building a Attiny 4LED display

I have been working with Arduino for several years now. The biggest problem I have had is the cost of take home projects for students. The Arduino boards themselves are inexpensive but building simple circuits with the AtMega 328 is not. I stumbled across the High-Low Tech page and was very interested in their Attiny programming. I went through the several post on the subject and compiled them in to a written tutorial that students can follow to program an ATTINY 45/85 or 44/84.  Not all the technical data is there, but the steps for programming are.

In the last post I went over bread boarding a 4 LED display using an Arduino. This activity now correlates to a simple 4 led display. You will find attached the Fritzing file for the ATINY 45 display as well as Fritzing diagrams for programming both the ATTINY 45/85 and 44/84

Note: I this procedure only works with the Arduino Duemilanove board. If there are any corrections that will make it work with an uno board please not them in the comments.

Note if using the UNO board and Arduino 0022 or 0023 use This for step 1 in the tutorial 

Programming Instructions

Fritzing 45-85

Fritzing 44-84 Updated!

Fritzing 4 LED display 

Inkscape 4 LED Silk screen 

Working display code

Trouble shooting:

If you can not get your codes to upload with Arduino 0022 or 0023 with an uno board try the fix at

If you are using nano arduino you can check out the soultion at , Thanks Jonathan!


  1. The Fritzing displays are perfect. However the wires need to be named. For example what goes from the points on the Arduino to the part?

  2. I should name them. In the mien time set your sonic screwdriver at setting 328 and that should give you an accurate readout.

  3. If you are using a Arduino 1.6 or higher, check out High-Low Tech's new tutorial