Friday, July 14, 2017

Cheap Arduino Robot with everything you need

I see a growing number of companies marketing Arduino based robots for well over $100 a piece. Most of these bots have limited capability and still utilize the Arduino IDE for programming. I needed a simple programming platform for my IT students, so I designed and built my own robot to save money. If you are willing to purchase components from Ali Express this is the robot for you. I have attached complete build instructions and Curriculum and .stl files will be on there way soon.

$15 Dollar Arduino Robot

YouTube Curriculum playlist


  1. I need some to teach students too. thanks

  2. Hi Travis, we buy a kit from ebay that includes most of what is required.

  3. Hi where can i get the kits andbuild information from thanks

  4. Thanks Travis. Your videos are useful for breaking down the programming of a robot into steps. Your $15 robot is also interesting to compare with what we are making and get ideas.