Wednesday, October 19, 2011

BCTEA Conference 2011 Arduino Robotics

So over the past few weeks I have been putting together a series of tutorials on building a Sumo/line following robot. This robot is used in my level 1 engineering class. I base the whole course around this project. It teaches students CAD design, sheet metal design and manufacturing. Lathe operations, material science, gear ratios and transmissions, micro control operations and computer programming.

Relevant posts:

Other sites reference and used for this project

My personal web page. 8 assignments that students complete before starting programming their robot  They have a free text book available that is amazing tons of Arduino references, with a nice tutorial video series. 

BC materials suppliers: 

Lee's electronics, local supplier for Arduino  (thank you for donating Arduino boards for the conference)

Jameco electronics, best place for the TI H-bridge

Bar-z-all steel (Surrey) - Steel supplier 

Plastics works (Surrey) - plastics supplier 

Other relevant files:

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